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This issue of Room is a love letter to unremitted, unrestrained, and often unfashionable enthusiasm.

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Room's Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift? From stocking stuffers to feminist fashion, check out Room magazine’s holiday gift guide for ideas. Read more about Room's Holiday Gift Guide

Review: The White Crow by Christine Smart

Christine Lowther reviews Christine Smart's book of poetry, The White Crow, by Hedgerow Press. Read more about Review: The White Crow by Christine Smart

Review: PostApoc by Liz Worth

Whitney Moran reviews Liz Worth's book, PostApoc, from Now or Never Publishing. Read more about Review: PostApoc by Liz Worth

Guest Post: Remembrance Doesn’t Have a Gender

Guest Post for Remembrance Day by Kelly S. Thompson: I often reflect back on my own service during this time of year, thinking of my friends and fellow comrades. Inevitably, my mind turns to the women I worked with, those fellow trailblazers, bravery-laden females who refused to believe we were operating in a man’s world or rather, chose to fight against that notion. Read more about Guest Post: Remembrance Doesn’t Have a Gender

Call for Submissions: 38.3: Trespass

Read the sign that says prohibited, members only, or do not enter, and go there anyway. Cross a line and permeate a border. Explore a haunting. Transgress the social code and live beyond simplistic binaries. Organize a sit-in, a protest, or squat. "Trespass" is the theme for Room 38.3, which will feature fiction by Doretta Lau and an interview with Harsha Walia.

Editor Helen Polychronakos and Assistant Editor Leah Golob seek poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art about doing what you've been told not to do. Poems that cross-dress as manifestos, essays that defy all rules, photography as both art and document, reportage disguised as fiction—generic trespass is also welcome.

Deadline: January 31, 2015

Our usual submissions guidelines apply.