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Reading Room

By all the gods I don’t know why the hell
I come to these things passed defences
farewell parties publications showers house-

Read the Honourable-Mention Winning Entry From Our 2015 CNF Contest

The pages you have yet to write are flagged and fluorescent, post-it pennants waving for another town’s fiesta.

Poetry by Naya Valdellon

Any writer can give you an angst-filled list of reasons why writing didn’t happen (again) today: there were the kids. Or a special meeting, or the first sunny day in months, or …

CNF by Kate Braid

they might have noticed
the bear
whose movement
down the hallway
resembled a private waltz

Poetry by michele marie desmarais

Palm trees flash past
barred windows, and words
waft over the train’s
noisy pulse.

Poetry by Sneha Madhavan-Reese

Current Issue

  • Room 38.3, Trespass


    Room 38.3 Edited by Helen Polychronakos

    Doors. Borders. Thresholds. Who holds the keys, letting some in and leaving others out?

    The issue features an interview with Harsha Walia and new writing by Doretta Lau.

Interview Room

Harsha Walia

Trained as a lawyer, Walia also co-founded No One Is Illegal (NOII), a group that supports migrants facing detention, deportation, and other human rights abuses in Canada.

Interview by Helen Polychronakos

Room's Rose Morris talks to Stephanie McKenzie, winner of our 2015 Poetry Contest.

Interview by Rose Morris

andrea bennett spoke with Room's Rachel Thompson about pitching non-fiction to Maisonneuve, the evolution of her writing career, what she likes to read, and the benefits of literary gender counts.

Interview by Rachel Thompson


Trish Cooper’s “Social Studies", playing at the Firehall Arts Centre until December 5, 2015, is an absolute must see.

Theatre Review by Bonnie Nish

Shameless Hussy's Love Bomb is a darkly moving piece of theatre that resonates beyond the final chord—and is guaranteed to spark an important conversation.

Theatre Review by Meghan Bell

Room with a View

Room Cancels Optional Submission Fees

At our AGM in early November, the 20 volunteer editorial board and staff members who govern Room decided to scrap the submission fee introduced ten months ago.

Posted November 13, 2015